Farm and Garden Equipment for Sale in Marco Island, FL

We Invite you to Visit Our Worm Farm, This will be our 38th year in the Worm Casting Business. . High-Yield Vegetable Garden INGREDIENT. Worm Castings. Yields are easier to achieve with Worm castings.It will make soil more absorbent, making moisture more consistently available to plants.Worms introduce uncountable numbers of beneficial microbes and bacteria into the finished product, guarante...
Eco Friendly composting Worms. Red Wigglers, Native Florida Red Wiggler Composting Worms. Thank you for your interest in Red Worms. We are a Worm Farm that specializing in a native "Red Wiggler" to the U.S. Vermicomposting with native Worms is a safe composting approach. Worms are great for turning your food left overs into compost. 12212 Morris Bridge Rd Tampa, FL 33637 Hours Mon 10:...
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